We engage highly skilled technicians at Fabric Finishing Department to ensure and maintain the highest level of quality assurance. We have numerous Finishing Machines like we have an Open Width fabric finishing machine for a finest fabric quality which enables us to finish a Knitted fabric made up with Spandex, Polyester and Viscose etc. We have huge grip in Making Polyester Fabric & we can proudly say that we are listed one of the few suppliers to produce Sherpa, Ant pill Micro Polar Fleece & Velour fabric In-house. We have a latest Stenter, Ferraro, machines which make the fabric more stable, We have Tubetex Compactor machine for finishing fabric in Tube, we do have a Sanforizing Machine which increase the dimensional stability of the fabric when washing, or to prevent the fabrics from shrinking during washing. We have a Conveyer & Pole Dryer facility, Tumbler Machine, Slitting, Shearing, Raising, and Peaching Machines. Our main goal is to make product so well that it looks exceptional apart from others.