Finishing Depart

Finishing Department

Humera is a Quality oriented organization. Its quality philosophy stresses a systematic, integrated, consistent & organization-wide perspective involving everyone & everything. Strong checks at every process of finishing area starting from Trimming & inspection of Goods to ensure that the final product is as per customer’s requirement(s) Humera have a capacity to pack 18000 – 20000 pcs per day. Humera have chosen top-notch individuals considered industry’s finest and most experienced people who vigilantly examine each and every stage we have in our team Finishing Manager, Quality Manage, QA & QCS to make sure that the every piece move forward to Packing department will be the best in quality, we have over 60 QC(s) team in Finishing & 4 Senior QA who continuously checking all the lots before moving in Packing to make definite that there is not even a single inaccuracy exists that needs correction. 

Finishing Department​

These individuals are core assets of our enterprise who are also key components responsible for the quality products we produce and deliver gaining customer satisfaction endlessly. We have a 3 stage of checking 1. General Checking which consist of 20-25 QC teams & 1 Senior QA these goods checked after Trimming & move for Ironing, 2. Final checking which checked after Iron this has been consist of 25 – 30 QCS with 4 Senior QA who Inspect the each lot at 3rd Stage & above that QA Manager Finishing is always randomly Inspection the goods after packing before Cartons move to Warehouse to ensure the Quality & Packing of product is as per requirement(s) of Customer. Humera management has set very tight benchmark for each process of manufacturing. & all the inspections are conducted on AQL 2.5. Especially an independent internal audit team is there which conducts final inspections on AQL 2.5.